While the impact new technologies can provide your marketing mix has never been greater, PIE’s proprietary solutions ensure they’ve never been easier to integrate with your business. With a full suite of tools ranging from world-class promotions and social aggregation tools all the way to our award-winning Race to Retail program, PIE can handle any need your business faces. Best of all, these tools allow us to provide time-tested results at only a fraction of the price of creating custom solutions. For challenger brands, there’s never been a better equalizer against deep-pocketed competition.


race-to-retail-title With our award-winning Race to Retail platform, your sampling activations will never be the same. By integrating with a user’s smartphone, Race to Retail uses a unique, time-sensitive promotional offer to drive consumers into stores within hours of receiving your sample. Beyond increasing sales, the program provides invaluable insights about your sampling program and the purchase patterns of your customers. Race to Retail features an interface that can be fully customized to your brand and works natively through a web browser with no need for customers to download an outside app.
match-and-win-title While promotional games have been a proven method for capturing information about your customers, their costs have been prohibitively expensive for all but the largest brands. With PIE’s white label match and Win game, we’re helping challenger brands create exciting promotions for a fraction of what they once cost. Our game can be fully customized to both your theming and prizing, which makes it easy to create a promotion that fits any marketing plan. The program also features a fully responsive design, which allows it to function perfectly across mobile, desktop and even tablets.
scratch-and-win-title With engaging gameplay and a simple mechanic, PIE’s white label Scratch and Win product is the perfect way to create promotions that your customers will love. Utilizing a fully responsive design, we make it easy to create a virtual scratch card that works across mobile, desktop and tablets. Your game can even be customized to fit your branding and theming, which makes it ideal for use across social platforms and event activations.
tweet-wall-title While social media can be a great way to engage with your customers, it’s traditionally stood isolated from the rest of your digital marketing efforts. With PIE’s white label tweet wall, we make it easy to aggregate all of the tweets to a specific twitter handle or hashtag and display them together on a brand website, campaign microsite or even Facebook. Our tweet wall is fully customizable to your brand and it can be a great way to encourage more tweets to your handle or to increase the effectiveness of your social promotions.
scoop-title With PIE’s proprietary Scoop platform, we’re giving brands an unprecedented level of control over the way they interact and train their brand ambassadors. The platform gives you access to a number of innovative features including a custom social community for your employees as well as innovative eLearning tools. Beyond the ability to train your brand ambassadors, Scoop also gives managers access to robust reporting tools, which allows them to accurately track the progress of each of their trainees.