Shopper Marketing

A misstep with shopper marketing is like tripping right before the finish line. We know how important this stage of your shopper journey can be, so we help you handle every step of the process from the first shopper research to tracking the final results. As experts in-store, we can tell your brand story across any number of tactics including in-store events, sampling, promotions and even rewards programs. No matter the scope of your program, we have the
tools to help you win over customers and earn your hard-fought shelf-space.

Our Services Include

  • Shopper Research
  • Shopper Planning
  • Buyer Sell-in
  • Tactical Creative Execution
  • Tracking and Reporting


  • In-store Events
  • Sampling
  • Retail Advertising/Messaging
  • In-store Promotions
  • Partnerships/Shopper Solutions
  • Shopper eCRM
  • Customer Digital and Social Promotions
  • TPRs/couponing
  • GWPs
  • Reward Programs