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Montecristo Social Club

Montecristo Social Club


There is perhaps no audience more passionate than premium cigar smokers, nor one more fragmented. After all, middle-aged men who enjoy an activity started hundreds of years ago aren’t exactly the first ones to flock Social Media. With their ability to advertise on traditional social media limited, Altadis U.S.A., the country’s largest purveyor of premium cigars, approached us to create a space that cigar lovers could call home.

Our Solution:

Since traditional social media platforms weren’t up to the task, we knew it was up to us to create a destination for those who know their ligero leaves from their seco. With a target audience who is nearly as obsessive about quality and craftsmanship, it was clear that a simple message board just wouldn’t do. To truly appease connoisseurs, we built a full premium cigar knowledge hub on top of the social features fans expect and the Montecristo Social Club was born. After signing up for the club and receiving their welcome gift, cigar fans gain exclusive access to a daily selection of cigar and lifestyle articles we create. They can even track their growing selection of premium cigars inside our virtual humidor – a must-have for any aficionado. Together, these features make the Montecristo Social Club the largest online destination for premium cigar fans.