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LA Looks

LA Looks


Hair gel — what can’t it do? You can use it to get in with the latest styles, keep your ‘do in place; we bet if you really set your mind to it you could even make some pretty decent, avant-garde sculptures. Unfortunately, LA Looks needed to introduce their products to a younger audience and try to regain the throne they’d lost from the 80s. They charged us with doing what their hair gel couldn’t and reach Millennials that hadn’t grown up in the brand’s glory days.

Our Solution:

Executing a multi-channel campaign through packaging in-store, digital, social media and a PR campaign, we held the LA Looks Model Search and gave consumers the chance to be the new face of the LA Looks brand. Winners became real-life hair models and won a free trip to Los Angeles to have their very own professional photo shoot. Through our multiple advertising outlets we were able to garner huge buzz for the contests that reached the target Millennial audience. Participants submitted photos, finalists were announced so that they could share across their pages and public voting was held to drive even more traffic. LA Looks was able to put a new, modern face on their brand and two lucky winners had their fifteen minutes in the spotlight.