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Keurig needed to garner excitement for a new product. The issue was that their ads were getting lost in the stream of branded content and being easily forgotten. It became too simple for consumers to say “Oh, look, another coffee ad.” Keurig needed to break away from the generic and find a way to stand out against coffee chains and competitors so that people would think of them at home, where they could actually use Keurig products.

Our Solution:

If you want someone to notice you, the best way to do it is to get right in their face. Now, normally that isn’t a great idea for interacting with strangers on the street. But to make Keurig’s ads stick, we followed consumers with them… literally. Using a custom-built mobile billboard, we were able to set Keurig apart on the crowded city streets. People weren’t able to ignore the ad, set in a custom, remote-controlled billboard, following them down the street. Not only did the activation garner a ton of buzz and excitement, but it was a great time watching people’s reactions as the billboard suddenly started moving. The billboard was customizable, with the option to change the ad displayed to best drive engagement. It also let us show off our creativity, execution and development skills. The hardest part of the whole thing? Not taking the billboard for a joy ride.